The Biggest Challenges for HR

Most people tend to believe that the role of human resources is an organisation is simply limited to recruitment and disciplinary procedures performed by a stress-out individual surrounded by mounds of paperwork. In reality HR is also responsible for implementing some of the key strategic engagements and policies for the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations.

Some of the key challenges include talent sourcing and retention, payroll management, implementing internal policies, and facilitating disciplinary procedures. Outsourced HR consultants have therefore become a beneficial asset to organisations with HR departments that need additional support, as well as providing a full solution for smaller businesses that do not yet have the capacity for a fully-fledged HR department.

HR departments usually face at least five major challenges. How can outsourcing help?

  1. Talent RetentionWhile recruitment is one of HR’s major roles, the retention of company talent is just as critical. Its far more costly to keep replacing employees in an organisation with high turnover than it is to retain the talent you already have. Employee retention means balancing company culture, productivity, morale, remuneration and incentives. An HR consultancy with the required expertise can make valuable recommendations for in-house implementation.
  2. ProductivityA company that has unproductive employees will suffer a major blow to their bottom-line. Lack of training combined with low morale and even just a lacklustre attitude will not only infuriate management but an organisation’s clients as well. An external team with unique insights on how to keep employees motivated will provide a valuable long-term solution that delivers not just a happier workforce but a strong performing organisation.
  3. Discrimination and DiversitySouth African and generally global legislation means that both organisations and their employees must adhere to non-discriminatory practices, particularly when it comes to age, race, gender, disabilities or even sexual orientation. While your organisation may have all the right policies in place, you can never be fully prepared for the potential fallout of a discriminatory issue. HR consultants can provide both management and employees with knowledge and training about these issues, as well as how to manage the consequences of a situation that has already taken place.
  4. Ongoing TrainingEmployee training is not just critical to employee performance but can also make a significant contribution towards overall satisfaction. HR consultants can work with management to determine where additional training may be required, and help set up the process, which saves management teams a great deal of time so that they can focus on business growth.
  5. PayrollBusiness payroll has become increasingly complex due to constantly changing legislation, leaving you with a compliance burden that requires specialist knowledge. Outsourcing payroll administration provides a fully compliant and accurate payroll that is up to date with the latest statutory regulations without any of the headaches such as the unexpected resignation of your internal payroll resource or the high cost of annual fees for payroll software packages.