Taking It One Step Beyond

That’s one small step for… no wait…
To boldly… no it’s not that one either. Is it the one about Infinity and Beyond? Ah wait, no, got it.

You may have noticed that we have an ‘out there’ NOVA team member… and we mean WAY out there. It’s the NOVA astronaut, who we like to call the Novanaut, and this intrepid traveler is there to guide us into the future.

You see, NOVA was started as a concept – to innovate beyond the capabilities that business could see at that time, and to take human resources management to new heights. We wanted to be at the frontier of making sure South African business is getting HR right, from payroll to business intelligence, and to do it by finding new ways to simplify things.

First and foremost, we are a people company; we just happen to also be a technology company, developing technology that revolves around people. Our goal, from the beginning, was to ensure that our tech isn’t just there to do simple tasks, but rather to traverse the universe of managing, paying and understanding your workforce, and simplify the complexities around HR. 

But what does the Novanaut have to do with that?

Well, just like the first space explorers, we had to take tentative steps into the unknown, into the complex, ever-shifting and developing space of labour law and human resources management. It was a journey filled with excitement – and not a little trepidation – and, again, like those first space explorers, we weren’t quite sure what to expect.

Of course, we all know how those “first steps” turned out. Successfully landing people on the moon, building the Hubble telescope that gives us the furthest, deepest insight into our universe, and creating the International Space Station, where scientific research and advancement happens daily.

Our business’ evolution is not unlike the evolution of space exploration. The first, tentative steps, finding a foothold, then building strong structures that allow us to see as deeply into your HR protocols as the Hubble into space, and to research and innovate to bring you products and services that advance your business.

Like us, the team at NOVA, the Novanaut doesn’t represent just one way of thinking. It isn’t about race, or gender or belief. The Novanaut is there to remind us, every day, that we should strive to achieve what seems to be impossible. It is the pinnacle of human achievement, and the cutting edge of what we will discover tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. We’re on our own journey to dramatically improve the way South African business does HR, and it’s a journey we are on together.