Myth or Excuse? Payroll Outsourcing

Don’t let outdated ideas on payroll outsourcing hold your business back.

Payroll outsourcing is currently the fastest growing industry in the global outsourcing market. The latest stats also show that the market share of the Global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is currently over 400 billion dollars. With figures like these, it’s clear that outsourcing is not only common amongst businesses today, but the key for growth and sustainability.

In this video we look at the common payroll outsourcing myths, and why they’re simply not true. If you’re still sceptical about outsourcing your payroll you need to watch this video. With 2 out of 5 businesses currently choosing to outsource for the single purpose of gaining a competitive edge, plus the fact that the outsourcing market is set to grow by 8% each year – you’re at huge risk if outsourcing non-core functions is not a key business strategy.

We cover the following most common assumed risks:

  • Managing your payroll in-house is cheaper
  • It’s a solution for big businesses only
  • The risk of having to hand over your confidential information to a 3rd party
  • Loss of control over your payroll
  • Outsourcing makes internal resources redundant