Payroll Outsourcing Solutions

Taking the Complexity out of your Payroll

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Payroll Solutions incl. ESS Payroll & HRIS

The percentage of companies already outsourcing their payroll is over 40% and is increasing rapidly. The constant changes in regulatory requirements and taxation is making the payroll environment difficult to manage in-house.

Our payroll outsourcing services for small to large businesses give you the capacity to manage what’s important to your business, giving you peace of mind your compliance is taken care of, and your payroll run is accurate and on time. Our integrated payroll services include an Employee Self-Service (ESS) application and a variety of add-on HRIS modules based on your needs.

Benefits of payroll outsourcing

An experienced payroll provider like DigiForte boosts your business productivity.
Here are some other reasons you should be outsourcing your payroll:

Costing saving

Consider what goes into your payroll – calculating pay, maintaining software, and keeping up with legislation. Free up your key staff to focus on what’s important to your business.

Rely on the experts

We focus all our time on understanding the latest requirements and how they may impact your business. We also make sure your payroll system and processes are always updated.

Reduce risk

Mistakes can be costly and by outsourcing your payroll we make sure you avoid errors and any costs related to penalties.


DigiForte uses the latest technology which allows you to integrate into your current systems or the opportunity to integrate your existing HR and payroll systems onto one single platform.


Payroll Outsourcing Services

As part of our payroll outsourcing solution, our forte is expert advice relating to all areas of payroll.


Cloud-hosted Payroll & HRIS

If you are a business that is looking for a cost-effective way to manage your payroll, that is easy to get up and running and use, our hosted Payroll and HRIS solutions are exactly what you need.

Our cloud-hosted payroll and HR solutions deliver peace of mind and compliance supported by a certified team with over 16 years’ of experience.

Cloud computing service maintenance

DigiForte’s unique OneLoop™ processing methodology

DigiForte’s unique processing technology is used to ensure that monthly timelines and deadlines are adhered to. This solution makes sure processing inaccuracies are proactively eliminated, producing consistently timely, compliant and accurate payroll outputs every single pay run.

  • Your payroll is fully compliant and adheres to all the latest regulatory requirements.
  • Payroll processing is precise and accurate.
  • Eliminates the risk of Payroll fraud.
  • Keeps sensitive payroll information
  • Detailed financial and SARS reporting.

Integrated HRIS Modules

There are a variety of easy add-on HR Modules that can be included with your payroll solution that manages the following:

Job & Position Management

Control and visibility of each job\position within the organization.

Employee Management

Complete record of each employee including employee transactions and documents.

Performance Management

Performance agreements and competencies per position, with specific objectives for execution per employee.

Employment Equity

Includes all statutory Equity reports printed as required by the Department of Labour.

Learning & Skills Development

SETA-specific Workplace Skills Planning (WSP) and related reporting documents required.

How does payroll outsourcing with DigiForte work?​

We are a full-service payroll provider that goes well beyond the basics of payroll calculations and administration. We fulfil both the advisory and compliance requirements our clients have come to expect. That’s our forte.

We have a team of specialists, who have been delivering these full-function solutions to our clients for over 16 + years. Our registered tax practitioners process all the required payroll calculations, monthly payroll tax statements, year-end taxes, and more.



Integrated with our offerings is our PeopleAnalytics™, which provides intelligent business analytics that helps companies identify various resourcing gaps, as well as payroll-related fraud.

You will have access to a wide range of reports that help you identify payroll and fraud-related trends in your business. We also work with you to provide a complete analysis of these reports, as well as advisory services to help rectify any issues identified.