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Leave it to us to develop the right people strategy for your business ambitions.Our HR Consultants are here to help you create the right HR strategy for business growth.

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Human Resources Solution that makes business sense

Effective organisations are realising that the human element is the most critical factor that contributes to organisational performance. The world of work has become a war for talent where organisations are forced to rethink their people strategy in order to succeed. Therefore, DigiForte HR Consulting views business through the lens of people and talent to create a competitive advantage for your business.

What makes DigiForte HR Consulting different? Our HR Consultants are equipped for doing business by understanding how people serve corporate objectives. We understand the importance of HR activities, but more importantly, we focus on the outcomes of HR. We do HR with an impact on business objectives and treat people as the most important business asset.

We don’t just provide an HR service, we provide consultants who are passionate about HR, passionate about your business, skilful in what they do and who make it their primary responsibility to understand your business, in order to add value to your organisational performance.


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DigiForte HR Consulting manages your entire HR value chain and delivers tailor-made HR strategies for your business, while DigiForte HR Transact™, our virtual HR back office, ensures all your HR administration runs smoothly and meets compliance obligations.

Strategic HR Consulting

DigiForte HR Consulting will partner with you to develop a strategy that puts people and talent at the centre of creating a competitive advantage for your business.

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HR Transact™

– Virtual HR BackOffice

The HR department is the lifeblood of any organisation. With this comes the balance of managing strategic objectives and day-to-day pressures this division is responsible for. Unfortunately, it is often the everyday deliverables that are keeping HR teams from focusing on the more strategic role they play in driving overall business objectives.

Leave it to our HR Transact TM team to handle the following types of queries on behalf of your business:

  • Recruitment administration.
  • Leave Balances and payslip requests.
  • Preparing employment Contracts and offer letters.
  • Preparing documentation related to offers, terminations, onboarding etc.
  • Medical Aid and Provident Fund queries.
  • Confirmation of employment letters.
  • UI19 documents
The Team

What makes DigiForte’s HR Management different?

Our qualified HR Consultants and Industrial Psychologists are equipped to understand how your people are key in driving business objectives. We focus on the outcomes of Human Resources to deliver ROI through our Global Best practice Methodologies but also fit for purpose design. Our strategic HR team will gear your workforce through organisational design, talent management, role design, job grading and a focus on Employee wellness and engagement.