NOVA launches virtual HR back office solution

virtual HR

Johannesburg, 1 July 2021: NOVA Human Capital Solutions has launched a new virtual HR back-office offering that provides companies with the flexibility to focus on their core business.

Specialising in full HR, labour law, and payroll outsourcing services, NOVA boasts a highly experienced team of industry-specific professionals in each sphere. NOVA’s HR Transact™ team is committed to ensuring that each client receives professional and credible support in a timeous manner.

The HR Transact™ solution takes care of the day-to-day queries and administrative tasks affording a business’s internal HR department the time and freedom to focus on their strategic objectives.

Most HR teams spend approximately 40 percent of their week on low-impact administrative tasks instead of the high-impact strategic initiatives that help drive a business forward. HR Transact™, NOVA’s latest virtual HR back-office offering, takes care of clients’ query management and provides easy access to templates and essential HR documentation.

“People are the most valued assets of each business, and at NOVA, we are committed to investing in our human capital and technology so they can, in turn, empower our clients and their employees,” said Scott Barrett, MD of NOVA Human Capital Services. “HR teams are stretched at the best of times, and the pandemic has brought the critical importance of a well-functioning HR department into sharp focus.

HR Transact™ will help improve our clients’ staff morale and a working environment that is conducive to personal and organisational growth.” HR Transact™ – which is available for a single, low monthly fee – serves as another example of how NOVA gives clients a competitive edge through their end-to-end HR, labour law and payroll solutions.

What is HR Transact™?

A virtual HR back-office for NOVA clients which manages all of the typical administrative duties and queries that occupy the bulk of HR teams’ time, including:

  • Leave balances queries
  • Payslip requests
  • Employment contracts queries
  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Drafting offer letters
  • Administration of termination documents
  • Administration of onboarding documents
  • Medical aid queries
  • Provident fund queries
  • Confirmation of employment letters
  • Completion of UI-19 / UI-2.7 forms
  • And much more