Top 3 HR Trends for 2022

What functions are the trendsetters in your business? And no, it’s not the usual suspects.

Up until recently, all bets would be on IT, data analytics, customer services or operations as the leaders in business trends to focus on. While these are still undoubtedly key for business sustainability and innovation, we’ve seen a definite change in ranking – with HR and Employee Wellbeing now in the top spot.

This being said, a big percentage of business leaders continue to see HR as a support function, despite the research and data that puts HR as a key driver in future-proofing businesses. In this video, we look at the 3 leading HR trends for 2022 that should form part of your overall business strategy for this year and beyond.

Defining your HR strategy for the Next Normal

This is no easy task given that the day-to-day administrative duties for your HR teams still exist, while you’re dealing with the changes and impact the pandemic has had on your people and workplace. For advice or assistance in creating and implementing an HR strategy that is not only right for your business but ensures your growth and sustainability in the “Next Normal”, chat to our team of qualified HR consultants. Contact us:

HR Trend Blogs

As mentioned in the video, we created a series of HR blogposts late last year. These looked at global HR trends and how these could be translated for South African businesses. Read them here.

About NOVA’s HR Consulting Services.

Your team spends up to 16 hours a week on transactional low-impact duties – two days that could be spent on transforming your HR function. Our team of expert and qualified HR consultants want to change that. Our agile HR consulting and support services are suitable for small to large businesses and are designed to solve two key challenges HR executives face today. Strategic HR consulting focuses on transforming people strategies, and transactional HR support which takes care of the day-to-day administrative tasks. We help you manage your biggest asset – your people.