The Everlearn Difference

If there’s one thing corporate South Africa has been investing its money in over the last few years, it’s people development, and Everlearn, a 100% Black woman-owned skills development consultancy, in partnership with NOVA Human Capital Solutions, has been making the difference with our fully outsourced learner and  learnership management offering.

One of the most important things for South African business to focus on in this developing economy is the development of people. This means everything from in-house short training programmes to offering fully accredited, NQF level courses to help people upskill and get educated. An emerging economy needs trained and educated people to thrive – but going about offering these programmes presents multiple unique challenges.

For example, what happens if a company is involved in an emerging industry, on the cutting edge of new technology, or any industry, really? What if there simply are no existing training courses, diplomas or degrees that are uniquely suited to their business? Or even more worrying, what if they invest hundreds of thousands of rands into training and educating people, only to lose them almost immediately to a competitor?

The Everlean model of helping companies upskill their employees and others with learnership programmes is unique in the marketplace, thanks to our end-to-end approach of managing learnership engagement on behalf of clients in conjunction with strategic partnerships with fully-vetted and accredited education and training institutions. This means we can offer a wide range of existing accredited programmes across different industries and disciplines, or help develop unique accreditations that match industry needs, across a wide range of industries.

We focus on adding value through training and education that matches the needs of our clients’ overall business strategy, while at the same time helping our clients achieve their B-BBEE scorecard Skills Development objectives. We also offer hosted environments for learners living with disabilities and unemployed learners where employers are not able to offer this, or find it disruptive to their day-to-day business operations.

Everlearn, through our partnership with NOVA Human Capital Solutions, can help companies to correctly submit their Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports, to ensure the maximum grants can be claimed from the SETAs, while ensuring that all the documents necessary for both B-BBEE scorecards and tax rebates are kept, tracked and available as and when needed for audits.

Thanks to the hearts-in and hands-on approach taken by Everlearn, we boast a consistently high completion rate on training programmes. This benefits both the learners – who achieve a recognised qualification, thereby opening up new opportunities for themselves – as well as their employers, who not only gain a skilled workforce, but also reap the B-BBEE rating, tax, and pivotal skills grants-related benefits.

We don’t believe in a rigid model of limited training and learning programmes, but rather in upskilling people in the areas where training is most needed in a way that meets both their needs and those of the employer. The Everlearn offering, therefore, is shaped around client needs, ensuring that the extraordinary legislative, logistic and administrative compliance burdens are managed on behalf of the client, leaving them free to focus on their core business.

The company provides a friendly reminder that their Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports must be submitted before the end of April 2019, in order to ensure that all training & development spend can be counted towards their scorecards and that all pivotal skills grants can be claimed.