NOVA’s Top 5 Reasons to Use an HR Consulting Firm

Human resource consulting that gets the best out of your employees.

Some of the biggest challenges facing HR Departments are recruitment, retention, employee engagement, leadership development and company culture.  With these critical issues becoming a continual and time consuming process, HR Consulting is becoming an increasingly popular choice, not just for small-to-medium sized businesses, but for major corporate companies as well.

For smaller organisations, the decision to outsource certain Human Resources requirements is often based on rapid growth. A well managed organisation offering great products and services, may find that their capacity for formal HR management becomes crucial, but at a time when the business has not yet built up a sufficient internal HR function. For larger organisations, there is a growing trend to realign the role of HR, and outsource some functions to third parties so that internal resources can focus more time on strategic issues.

Here are five excellent reasons why HR Consulting is right for your business.

  1. A fresh perspectiveCompany leaders are often so exclusively focused on the growth of their business that they may inadvertently develop counterproductive HR policies. The biggest advantage of outsourced HR consulting is that they bring a fresh perspective, which is not at all impacted by the company’s former traditions.
  2. Developing important policies from the outsetWhile hiring and training new employees might be something that your current staff do extremely well, the rapidly changing work landscape requires policies that cover a broad range of complex issues that need to be clearly implemented from the outset. These can include everything from leave time to disciplinary action. These internal policies will also ensure employee satisfaction, retention and limit any potential legal liability.
  3. Legal processesAlmost every organisation at some point is going to come up against some sort of legal concern, particularly from former or disgruntled employees that may try to bring legal action against the organisation for wrongful termination or even harassment. An HR Consultant can provide excellent advice on how to navigate these issues with minimal harm to your financial resources or reputation.
  4. Navigating through tough timesWithout an internal HR department in place, you and your current staff will lose hours of time that could be spent on growing the business. By outsourcing these functions, you all gain time to focus your energy on primary duties. This is particularly pertinent during tough economic times when you cannot afford to lose productivity.
  5. Applying global best practiceThe objective of an HR Consultant is enable your business to develop and implement the best business strategy to facilitate business goals. An HR Consultant will take global best practices and combine it with your strategic objectives while you focus on your core business. This also allows businesses to position themselves competitively in an increasingly complex and technologically advanced global market.